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Carrot Powder It has all the flavor, color and benefits of whole carrots! Our orange-beige colored powder is obtained by milling dehydrated orange carrots. It adds a special flavor as an ingredient in mixes or meals.

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Spinach powder Powdered spinach is created by simply milling whole dried spinach leaves until an extra fine texture is obtained, conserving the plant's vibrant green color and mild flavor.

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Dehydrated Lime Juice Powder. Made with natural Lime Juice. Lime powder provides a simple way to add a consistent lime juice flavor to any recipe without the need for the whole fruit, thus reduce wastes and increases yields. It is ideal for food industry.10g of lime powder yields 200ml of lime juice

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Beet powder; The exact same flavor from the root in a way more practical form. Beet powder is made from raw beetroot which is dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve all its nutrients. It has a slightly sweet earthy taste that can add a boost of nutrients to your recipes.

Consult price
225 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Kale powder; One of our trendiest nutritional superfood. Kale powder is being a buzz because it improves diets with low caloric intakes and a huge number of micronutrients. It is made from curly and Lacinato kale leaves, which are dehydrated at low temperatures to keep its nutrients.

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

banana flour; A rather neutral, mild and earthy flavor that can be used for both sweet and savory recipes. It is obtained from green banana that has been cut and dried at low temperatures to keep its nutrients. This flour has a great performance in bakery products due to their high starch content.

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Cauliflower flour now exists and its stoking the fire of our imagination! You can literally bake anything that has flour and transform your recipes into better options: just add water to obtain a cauliflower puree to use in your recipe.

Consult price
50 UNIT (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Precooked Black bean flour Another plant-based great solution for the gluten-free bakery industry with a good content of protein. The exact soft flavor to be perfectly combined with sweet tastes such as chocolate. Our black bean flour has an excellent water retention capacity and it is also very us

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4

Cooked chickpeas flour Because it provides a jelly texture, it is widely used for ready to eat products. The chickpeas are pre-cleaned, then they’re soaked for a few hours prior to being cooked. Next, we cooked them. Afterwards, we hydrate them, transforming into flakes and finally milled. Our Cook

Consult price
50 KG (Min. order) EXW Agregare, BV New 4


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