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How can we help you?

How can I upgrade my plan?


Select the desired membership from your control panel by clicking on the "Upgrade plan" button. Your product and company information will not be deleted. You will need to make the full payment for the new membership with the new features purchased.

How do I pay for my subscription?


You can pay by credit/debit card, if you wish to pay via Bank Transfer. You can contact our team at info@swintfair.com to provide you with an account number.

Do you offer any money back guarantee?


Yes! We have a 48-hour refund policy. To claim the refund please contact us at info@swintfair.com. We will help you in a personalized way to solve your problem.

Does Swintfair provide any discount?


We may offer special discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday or other occasions during the year. Moreover, you might find out more about Swintfair discounts and promotional codes if you contact us on info@swintfair.com

Can I have an invoice after I subscribe?


Of course, you will find your invoice in the Invoices section (in the control panel) after payment.

How does payment work for positioning?


The positioning system allows you to appear on our main page on the most visited space. Your company or your product will redirect the traffic towards you. The payment will be made once. In the "positioning" section of your dashboard you can select the timing. Choose between 4 weeks or 8 weeks availability.

Can I stop positioning my product once the payment has been made?


You can stop positioning your product at any time. In order to carry out this action please contact us via email info@swintfair.com.

Can I recover the payment made by positioning?


You can reimburse the amount paid within the active period of 24 hours from its completion. Once that period has been exceeded or in the event that you wish to stop your positioning during the selected period please contect us to find a solution together.

Does the company know who visits your profile?


All users can see how many visitors they've had on their profile in the "Home" section. However, they cannot see who those users were/are.

What does RFI stand for?


RFI is short for "Request for Information", a common business process whose purpose is to collect written information about the capabilities of various suppliers.

Where do I receive replies to any RFI messages I send?


You can review any outbound messages under the RFI section in your "Home" page. However, all responses go directly to your registered email address.

What is a card connection?


A card connection is what happens when a user saves your business card in their "Trade Card" section. This saves your information on their account, so they can more easily get in touch with you.

How do negotiations work on Swintfair?


To be able to negotiate a product both for sale and purchase within Swintfair.com you must register as a Visitor or have an active membership.

What should I do when a negotiation is successfully completed?


When an online negotiation is successfully completed and you obtain the Proforma Contract that certifies it, you are responsible to manage the agreed points to finish the entire process.

What legal validity does the PROFORMA document have?


The Proforma Contract is used to inform the potential buyer about all the details of the operation and takes international trading guidelines into consideration. It is understood as a principle of agreement between buyer and supplier, without any type of fiscal or accounting validity.

Does Swintfair allow economic transactions?


Our negotiation system does not yet allow any economic transaction.

Can I receive the financial transaction of a sale within Swintfair?


As a seller, you must receive the payment of the product from the buyer directly within the agreed details.

Who is responsible for the logistics necessary to carry out a negotation?


Swintfair is not responsible for the distribution or logistics of the products. Any issue regarding logistics are dictated by the agreement made by a seller and customer.

Is Swintfair considered an intermediary between sellers and buyers?


Swintfair does neither acts nor identifies as an intermediary in any online negotiation. We are simply a networking platform between businesses and their customers.

The seller/buyer has not fulfilled obligations, what should I do?


Any conflict between users has to be solved by the parties involved. Swintfair is not responsible for the fulfilment of the agreed trading conditions. If the conflict might affect other clients, please inform us via mail info@swintfair.com. Swintfair will take the appropriate measures after studying the case. We will not be able to take penalty measure for non-compliance with the sales contract or for conflicts outside the platform.

Can I cancel a negotiation at any time?


You can cancel any negotiation at any time, at which point the other party will be immediately notified.

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